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School Work Suffering’ Because of Social Media, Say Teachers

Tuesday 23rd November 2010

Teachers have expressed concerns that children are being distracted so much by Social Media that their homework, and concentration, are being badly affected. The BBC reports that a survey conducted by One Poll showed that out of 500 UK teachers involved, three quarters said they thought that parents should limit the time their children spent online. And 58 % of teachers observed that their pupil’s handwriting had suffered too due to the amount of time they spent typing on a touchpad or keyboard than using traditional writing implements such as pens and paper. They also thought that the children who gained the poorest grades were the ones using social networking sites the most.

Despite teachers warning that social media, online chat and the popularity of text messaging amongst teenagers, can impact on their future. “This obsession which has a direct impact on the future of our children - affecting their grades because they fail to complete their homework on time or to the standard required, and being unable to concentrate in class."

Read the full story on the BBC's website.


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