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School Report Tool to Help Teachers

Friday 11th May 2012

Is there anything more embarrassing as a teacher than the wrong gender, or worse, the wrong name in a school report? And isn't it especially upsetting when you've worked hard in the classroom all year only for the final contact with the parents to be a glaring cut-&-paste error that haunts you all summer?

So how can you avoid this happening to you? Well the first answer is, you probably can't, not absolutely 100% throughout your career. The second answer is, write them all by hand, but for many teachers there aren't enough hours in the day. So how about the third solution, to use a school report writing tool – software that effortlessly inserts the name and adjusts he/she, him/her as appropriate. Heaven! Job done! But is it that simple?

The trouble is that even if you use a report writing tool you still end up tweaking the final report and this is where careless typos can creep in. It just isn't practical to have a ready-made statement bank with all of the achievement levels, project names and grades that you'll need for each child. Fortunately though, there's a new, and free, online solution which goes a long way towards achieving this.

Facilities Including Embedding Input Boxes and Drop-Down Lists

This new web-based tool offers facilities to embed input boxes and drop-down lists into your statements and then prompts you to choose the values you need. Selecting a project title from a drop-down list, and entering an exam mark in a box for example are so much safer than freehand typing. 

It's quick and easy to register and completely free for teachers to use. And as it's quite new, they're keen to have your feedback so that they can develop it to exactly match your needs.

Try it out for free at the School Report Writer website.



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