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School Leavers Maths Skills Criticised

Tuesday 14th June 2011

A recent study has recommended that pupils continue to study maths for a further two years after their GCSEs in order to gain the basic knowledge of maths needed for degree courses. The two year study conducted by the Advisory Committee on Mathematics Education (Acme) found that many students were leaving school without the required maths skills needed to get through their degrees. The committee warned that universities were dumbing maths requirements down in order to fill places on their courses as it is

According to experts all children should be made to study maths up to the age of eighteen as too many are leaving school with poor maths skills. The government has already stated that they want pupils who fail to reach a C pass in GCSE Maths to continue studying the subject in their sixth form year.

The Advisory Committee on Mathematics Education advises and represents teachers and academics in the UK and has stressed the importance of an in-depth knowledge of maths in the work place and for higher education. Fewer British pupils study maths at an advanced level than students anywhere else in the developed world. The report placed the blame on school league tables which discourage the development of problem-solving, communication skills and reasoning, all of which are learned while studying mathematics.

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