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School Fundraising Ideas & Resources for Teachers

Monday 27th June 2011

Free Teaching Resources isn’t just about lesson plans, worksheets and great online teaching tools. Our latest page is all about school fundraising ideas, something which we know concerns teachers, parents and school governors at all levels.

Our new school fundraising page includes some great organisations and companies who can help with school fundraiser ideas. Whether it is using the children’s artwork on mugs, calendars or even tea towels, or collecting donated clothes, there are loads of brilliant ways to raise funds for your school, and lots of companies who can help you. You could try a school cookbook, or the ever popular Christmas cards designed by the children.

Each of the companies on the new page have free samples, guides or video demos that can help you to find out more about school fundraisers. While it may not be a teaching resource as such, these are all links that can save you time and potentially money too, allowing you to browse providers and see who is offering the best deal, or the most suitable fundraising idea for your school.

The new page also includes some top tips for school fundraisers, and valuable information about how you can make sure your charity event or product is a success. Sometimes it is easy to forget about the important basics of any fundraising activity - set yourself a target, have something specific to work towards, get the school community on your side, publicise the event or product and be realistic about what you can achieve given your circumstances. Use the new school fundraising page on Free Teaching Resources to find out more.


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