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School Children Still Prefer Pack Lunches & Snacks

Friday 8th July 2011

Despite the campaign by Jamie Oliver to encourage healthy eating in schools, official figures show that only 44.1% of children in primary school in England had school dinners on average. The uptake of school dinners in secondary schools was even lower at 37.6%, although there was an initial backlash against the ban on fried, fatty and salty foods in schools, such as burgers and chips for lunches, officials insist that children, and parents, attitudes were improving.

The School Food Trust says that numbers have increased even though the average cost of a school dinner has gone up three per cent. They said that more and more children are also registering for free school meals and it was important to keep the healthy school meals affordable.

The British Heart Foundation has produced a new pack for science, PSHE and food tech lessons for 11-13 year old pupils. Order your copy of the Snack Pack and find interactive and fun lessons plans to help encourage young people to make healthier choices when snacking. Go to the British Heart Foundation website and find out more. A suggested donation is asked for on the site.


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