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Review NHS Resources and Earn Yourself £10

Friday 13th January 2012

Real life, your life from the NHS is a suite of activities for 14-16-year-old learners. There are over 350 different careers in todays NHS and they want to let young learners in school know that it is not all about doctors, nurses and blood and gore.The real world of the NHS is far more varied and so they have designed ten flexible activities which use real life situations to make young learnersthink about their future lives and careers.  They have used familiar scenarios to bring the process of making decisions to life.

The activities are progressive and can be delivered as part of work in citizenship, PSHE, English, drama, careers guidance and the new society, health and development (SHD) diploma.All the activities have been designed and tested by teachers in secondary schools, and are part of the Step into the NHS programme which includes a website featuring videos, a career mapper and real-life case studies.

The NHS would like your help so they can continue to provide and improve these vital resources to teachers and pupils.They want to know what you think about their resources and how useful they are to you.All they ask is for you to complete a short questionnaire and they will send you a £10 voucher (or donate the reward to charity if you prefer).The survey takes no more than 5 minutes to complete and you will have the opportunity to take part in further research if you want.To register your interest, simply email us and we will send you further information and questionnaire.

All in all the NHS education website is well worth a visit.


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