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Primary Schools in Scotland Hitting PE Targets

Tuesday 30th November 2010

Figures published yesterday show that children at 55 per cent of primary schools throughout Scotland are benefiting from two hours of physical education everyweek.

The Education secretary, Michael Russell was reported as saying he was delighted with the progress made by schools and local authorities. “Secondary schools are also moving in the right direction with 60 per cent of secondaries now offering two full periods of PE”, he said.

Last July, the BBC reported that Scottish schools weren’t managing to offer two hours a week of PE, in fact only 35% of primary schools and 23% of secondaries have reached the target since 2007, so in less than six months, this is great improvement. At the time, Michael Russell said "Working towards the delivery of two hours PE is embedded within Curriculum for Excellence, which will be adopted in all schools in August and all local authorities are signed up to."



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