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Open Students Eyes to Renewable Energy

Thursday 23rd September 2010

Carbon Mixer for Schools is a unique educational software and teaching resource that opens your students’ eyes to the reality of renewable energy.

The National Renewable Energy Centre (Narec), Bobby Gilbert & Associates (BG&A) and Northumbria University’s Centre for Design Research have released a new free schools software package, Carbon Mixer for Schools, to teach school students about renewable energy. This will compliment the already existing Explore Renewables project run by Narec. The project has been financially supported by the north east England regional development agency One North East (ONE).

Teachers from Seaton Burn College in North Tyneside have worked closely with the project, to ensure it fits correctly into the curriculum. The software is aimed at Year 9-10 / Key Stage 3-4 pupils with particular relevance to Core Physics GCSE module P1a, and incorporates task differentiation for students of all ability levels. The software comes with full lesson plans.

The software draws from the existing Carbon Mixer commercial tool developed by BG&A and used by architects, developers and planners. Carbon Mixer for schools creates a simulated workplace experience for students, who are invited to take on the role of "Carbon Consultant" to a range of demanding clients. As students experiment with renewable and fossil-fuel energy sources to find the perfect balance between energy demand, output, payback and carbon emissions, their clients challenge their choices and provide ongoing feedback via a simulated chat engine.

Information about the Carbon Mixer for Schools, and free downloads, will be available now on the Explore Renewables website.

For more information visit the Explore Renewables website.


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