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Online Learning Tools for KS2 Writing and KS3 History

Thursday 3rd May 2012

Two Great New Listings for KS2 Writing and KS3 History

Educational Materials to Support Learning about the Holocaust for Key Stage 3 History

The Holocaust Explained is an invaluable website for Key Stage 3 History and a source that teachers may wish to encourage pupils to engage with independently to develop knowledge and understanding of this event. For Key Stage 2, collaborative online learning can be facilitated through the use of Primary Pad. This website has been developed for use by pupils at KS3 and aims to provide them with the essential information needed to understand the events of the Holocaust. The designers of the website have used a range of resources- photographs, maps, text and so on- to make this accessible to pupils of a wide range of abilities. KS3 teachers may also find that some of the materials could be used to support teaching and learning in the classroom by displaying sections of the website on an interactive whiteboard.

Interactive timelines are provided so pupils develop their chronological understanding and it supports learning about many aspects of the Holocaust: pupils can learn about Hitler’s ideas and how they led to the Holocaust; they can find out about the actions of Nazi dictatorship in building ghettos and camps as well as offering an opportunity to gain insight into the human experiences of those who survived.

Primary Pad as a Tool for Collaborative Learning for Key Stage 2 Writing

This online tool offers teachers and pupils to work collaboratively online in real time. It offers an excellent opportunity to develop pupils’ typing skills and embed literacy and ICT skills across different areas of the curriculum.

There are so many possible uses for this tool in the KS2 classroom and teachers will undoubtedly be inspired to incorporate this into their teaching in a variety of ways. It is relatively simple to set up and use with a video tutorial offered on the website to support teachers in getting going with this teaching and learning tool.

Highly recommended and a great way of getting a class of children to all work together towards a common goal! 


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