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New Teaching Resources from Jeans for Genes Day for Key Stages 1-4, Available for FREE

Monday 1st October 2012

Jeans For GenesCaroline Harding, CEO of Genetic Disorders UK: “These powerful new films and resources will revolutionise the way pupils learn about genes and genetics. Each set provides a compelling and very personal insight into living with a genetic disorder and will enable our younger generations to truly get to grips with the biology behind different conditions; how they are inherited and their symptoms. Just as crucially though, these films and resources will be vital in helping pupils to be more understanding of the differences in others and really appreciate what makes us all unique.”

Completely FREE to download and created in partnership with Nowgen and The Progress Educational Trust, Jeans for Genes Day have developed four new films and supporting resources to help students get to grips with the complex topics associated with genes and genetics.

The newest additions to the range are suitable for Key Stages 1- 4 and are all linked to the national PSHE, science and genetics curricula. Perfect to use on Jeans for Genes Day itself or alongside the curriculum at any time of the year, they include a series of compelling four minute films that introduce pupils to children living with genetic disorders. Each film has accompanying teachers’ notes, activity sheets and discussion ideas, as well as ready-made assemblies to download.

This year, meet the four new young film stars, sharing their personal experiences of learning to live with a genetic disorder:

  • Ashley is 11 and has Treacher Collins syndrome meaning he was born without a jaw, cheekbones and ears. Ashley shows us how he gets around the daily challenges that his symptoms present and how he deals with the bullying that he has experienced as a result.

  • Luke’s mum has Huntington’s Disease and he has a 50% chance of inheriting it from her. Will he take the test when he reaches 18 to find out if he has the faulty gene? Luke’s Story shows what it’s like for him to be a 17 year old grappling with such complex decisions and what impact his mum’s condition has on his life. 

  • Imagine having to spend 1.5 hours every morning just to take medicine to keep you healthy. 16 year old Ryan actively chooses activities that help to alleviate his symptoms and prolong his life, from playing football to playing the trumpet. Learn what precautions Ryan has to take to keep his Cystic Fibrosis under control. 

  • 10 year old Tamilore has Sickle Cell Anaemia and often experiences debilitating pain. His limited physical health has a knock on effect on his education, hobbies and acceptance by others. Learn about the biology behind Sickle Cell Anaemia and how Tamilore copes with his condition.

Available now, download them for free at to start bringing genetics to life in your classroom!


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