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New phonics, RE, Science and D&T Resources

Thursday 23rd February 2012

If you have trouble planning for lessons, you are positive to find something worthwhile in our new free teaching resources. We have found some fantastic websites for teachers to find excellent planning and preparation for their lessons, in many different subjects.

KS1 English is one area that we have found planning for. Phonics Play offer a daily planning scheme for phonics, utilising the recommended model of ‘Revisit-Teach-Practice-Apply-Assess,’ and contains suggestions for certain activities and exercises to ensure the topic is diverse and engaging for the pupils. These detailed teaching resources are fantastic for teachers looking to save time on planning.

The other resources containing fantastic planning come from the BBC and Morrisons. Morrisons Let’s Grow programme is a great scheme that teaches children of the benefits of growing their own fruit and veg, as well as providing some excellent teaching resources. The subjects of Science, PSHE and Design and Technology from Early Years, KS1, KS2, KS3 and KS4 are all provided with some thorough planning and worksheets for students learning about the science of growing food, as well as getting creative and building birdhouses and such.

BBC Bitesize offers a different kind of planning, notably for students who are revising for KS4 Religious Studies exams. The website encourages planning for revision, and the resources include revision materials for GCSE students, on a wide range of topics. Downloadable mock exams are available for students to track their progress, and a discussion board can be accessed, which allows students to engage in debates and discuss ideas with other like-minded students. 


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