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New Free Teaching Resources from BT

Thursday 5th May 2011

BT Learning and Skills have added a brilliant selection of free teaching resources to their website. Covering a range of communication subjects and key stages, the resources are intended to encourage creativity using digital technology and to encourage learning and debate in pupils. The teaching resources are available to download for primary and secondary age groups and are entertaining and consist of a mixture of downloadable PDF notes and lessons, or online interactive activities.

Examples of BT’s online resources are a simple online game called Alien Abduction for primary, which aims to encourage children to explore the limitations of our ability to listen at the same time as memorising. For secondary level there’s a guide to using digital technology to communicate ideas creatively and effectively, where students are guided through the steps required to make a photo-movie. This activity covers curriculum areas of Communication, ICT, PSHE, and Working Together. Secondary and Primary pupils can both work on producing a podcast. Using the free sound editing software this resources offers everything you need to know about making one. There are many more excellent teaching resources available too, including Welsh language versions, and resources that address the life long learning areas.

Take a look at the BT Learning and Skills free teaching resources on their website.


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