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New Evidence of the Effectiveness of PSHE Education

Tuesday 12th July 2011

The PSHE Association has gathered existing evidence and conductedresearch from various sources into how effective PSHE Education is inschools. The Association says that there are strong reasons for doing PSHE educationin schools, besides the statutory aims for education to which this subjectsignificantly contributes. However, they point out that right now there islittle research into the effectiveness and success of educational interventionson children and young peoples’ lives. Other than research undertaken as part ofmajor projects on smoking, alcohol and drugs, very little is known about thewider impact of PSHE education.

This issue prompted the theme of the PSHE Association’s annualconference on June 23rd, where the impact of  PSHE education on the livesof young people was explored. PSHE Associations’ policy advisor Dr. JohnLloyd revealed what evidence already exists and highlighted the urgent need toprovide up-to-date and relevant data. This is essential at a time of curriculumchange and if the ambitions for PSHE education set out in the Government’s WhitePapers on education and public health are to be achieved.


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