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Thursday 31st May 2012

Fantastic Listings on Apps for Teachers Page

At, we have created a brand new page, Apps for Teachers, to help teachers who are in need of free software for their subjects. Each listing has its very own free piece of software that is initially ICT based but can be used for an array of subjects including English, Art, Technology, etc...

Teachers are now encouraged to use free software in their lesson plans. Pupils should be taught basic skills in ICT so that they can use them in other subjects, in their personal lives and in future work/careers.

New Listings

There are 20 listings on the Apps for Teachers page that are all easy to use, engaging to pupils and brilliant for lessons. ICT is now in most if not all parts of everyday life so it is essential that both teachers and pupils are made aware of how it works and also that they gain skills and knowledge. Harnessing ICT, through free software, will help with other subjects when homework, marking, presentations and projects are involved.

When teaching pupils at GCSE level, some of these listings are great when helping with revision. There is a site where timelines can be created, which is incredibly useful in History topics. There are interactive posters that can help with any topic.

When exploring computer sciences, there are sites that teach coding and programming which help in ICT-based studies and careers. Learning and teaching the basics of ICT is necessary for anyone’s life.


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