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More than Half of Teachers Use IT in Every Class

Wednesday 23rd February 2011

A new survey conducted by NetGear, the networking solutions company, found that education experts say the use of technology and IT in classrooms is fundamentally changing the way teachers interact in their class. In the research, 58% of teachers who were asked about IT use say they use it in every lesson, and 77%  say they now use it more often because of students using technology more frequently themselves.

The survey of education experts shows the growing influence IT has in schools. The research examines attitudes of teachers, IT managers in schools and local authorities towards the role of IT in education. Recent independent research found that 36% of seven to 10-year olds visited Facebook on a weekly basis, with this figure rising to 71% for 11 and 12-year-olds and to 85% for 13 to 16-year-olds. The education experts surveyed see this familiarity with social media as offering potential for new means of teaching, with 80% suggesting sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube play a role in the classroom.

An increasing number of children own mobile phones, netbooks and iPads, 77% of the survey respondents think that children should use their own devices in class.


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