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Missing People Unveil Celebrity Backed Plan

Wednesday 26th May 2010

On International Missing Children’s Day (25May 2010), the charity Missing People will unveil a new strategy, withthe help of supporters Stephen Fry, Sir Trevor McDonald, Lady CatherineMeyer and Nikki Durbin, mum of missing Luke Durbin.

Over the nextthree years, Missing People will launch a regional network of volunteerswho will enable local communities to join the search. In time for theLondon Olympics in 2012, the charity will also launch a new memorablesingle number to call when someone disappears.  

Stephen Fry, a Vice Patron of the charity has lent his support to theplan, saying "When people go missing they can be incredibly vulnerable,often cut off from any kind of support. It is vital that they know whereto turn, and commitments in this new plan will ensure that everyone canaccess the support they so desperately need."

Missing People offers a lifeline to the 250,000 people who run away andgo missing each year. For those left behind, the charity searches andprovides specialised support to end the heartache and confusion.  

Nicki Durbin, mother of Luke Durbin who has been missing for four yearssaid, "This strategic plan is really heartening to read. As a mum of amissing child, there is not one hour of my waking day that my thoughtsdo not turn to my missing son. I strongly welcome this commitment fromthe charity to support the families left behind."

Martin Houghton-Brown, Chief Executive of the charity Missing Peoplesaid: "Missing People is an independent charity, funded by donations.Sadly one in four desperate calls for help cannot currently be answered.We need the public’s supportso that we can provide a lifeline to every single caller."

Missing People involved young people who have run away, parentsstill searching and families they had reconnected in the creation oftheir new strategy. In 2009 the charity was nominated at the ThirdSector Awards as the development of its trustee board.

MissingPeople provides support for missing children, vulnerable adults andfamilies left in limbo. The charity offers families of the missingspecialist advice and practical support as well as searching - securingpublicity that could end years of heartache.  To find out more or make adonation to Missing People please visit the Missing People website.


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