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Mend Broken Hearts - The BHF Zebrafish Appeal

Tuesday 5th April 2011

When we have a heart attack, a portion of our heart muscle is damaged or dies. Right now, it cannot be repaired. Unlike zebrafish, which can regrow parts of their heart, damage to our own hearts is permanent. For some people this can lead to heart failure, and over three quarters of a million people in the UK are living with it every single day. The symptoms range from chronic tiredness, shortness of breath, palpitations, swollen ankles, lack of appetite, anxiousness and depression are just some of the symptoms previously active people struggle with for the rest of their lives. Drugs and surgery can only limit the devastating effects on their quality of life.

The zebrafish is already providing vital clues about how human hearts might be mended. Zebrafish can repair their own heart, and scientists are trying to unlock their secrets to learn how our hearts could be repaired too. Research is already providing vital clues about how human hearts could be repaired. The British Heart Foundation hope to invest £50 million in world-leading stem cell research and developmental biology to see whether it is possible to repair or replace damaged or dead heart tissue with new, healthy, functioning heart tissue.

The BHF are already funding our scientists in this innovative area, and the money they hope to raise will fund more research projects to help them achieve our goal of mending broken hearts.

Help them fundraise for this amazing cause - For more information visit the British Heart Foundation website.


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