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Learn Emergency Life-Saving Skills with the British Heart Foundation

Wednesday 3rd August 2011

Would you know what to do in a life-threatening emergency? Learning Emergency Life Support (ELS) skills can help you keep someone alive until professional help arrives. The BHF have released the results on National Kissing Day to highlight their Emergency Life Support (ELS) skills campaign because the kiss of life - which is taught as part of ELS  could be the greatest kiss you ever give. The BHF are working with Resuscitation Council UK and calling for ELS to become a mandatory part of the curriculum in each UK nation.

The greatest kiss you could ever give someone is the kiss of life, thats why the British Heart Foundation want every young person to leave school knowing how to help in an emergency situation. This is an idea which could put hundreds of thousands of new lifesavers on the streets every year.
Another of the British Heart Foundation surveys recently revealed overwhelming support from teachers, kids and parents for young people to learn ELS skills at school. More than 4 in 5 teachers (86%) believe it should be taught at school, 78% of kids and 70% of parents agree.
The Heartstart scheme has already trained 2.6 million people across the UK in ELS skills. Now they want as many people as possible to sign their petition calling on governments to make learning these vital skills a mandatory part of the curriculum.

Heartstart in schools

Young people of ten years and over can attend a Heartstart course. However, some ELS skills like making a 999 call or placing someone in the recovery position can be learnt by much younger children.

The course can be delivered as a stand alone course for children of 10 and over or as a staged programme starting with children 4 or 5 years of age.

Find out more about how about how you can train or get involved in a Heartstart scheme by visiting the British Heart Foundations website.


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