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Learn About Vikings with the Museum of London Teaching Resources

Monday 1st August 2011

Teach your students all about what life was like for Anglo-Saxons and Tudors in London by using the free teaching resources from the Museum of London. Spanning the historical period between the dates 410AD-1558 the resources concentrate on how people lived in Medieval times, as Tudors and how the Vikings influenced the changing times in London.  The online and downloadable resources contain fantastic educational material, facts and figures for use in your class.

For example:

London changed a lot during the medieval period. From the 600s to 800s London was located in the west, where Covent Garden is today. At the end of the 800s people moved back into the old Roman town due to increased Viking raids. The old town had the remains of a wall around it and people felt safer there. At this time London’s population was about 8,000 people. By 1300 London was both the largest and wealthiest city in England. By the middle of the 1500s it had grown to about 120,000 people and had spread out in all directions outside the old city walls.

To find out more about life during Medieval times in London visit the Museum of London's School section on their website.

There are whiteboard presentations available to download, as well as KS3 level quizzes and games. These resources are suitable for use in History and Geography lessons with interactive elements to encourage an engaging and enjoyable class.


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