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Key Stage 4 Religious Education: Need Some Revision Resources?

Friday 30th March 2012

With the Summer Term approaching, no doubt KS4 teachers will be turning their thoughts to revision and encouraging their pupils to consider how they can revise the key topics taught as part of the GCSE Religious Studies specification in their school. Bearing this in mind, it may be of interest to secondary teachers of Religious Education to know what free revision tools there are out there either for use in the classroom, at home by pupils or both! Well, here are two recommendations that may be of use to KS4 teachers.

Firstly, Quiz Busters offers an interactive and engaging way of revising a range of topics typically covered by examination board specifications at Key Stage 4. It is ideal for use in the classroom as a revision tool or as part of reviewing a topic once taught. The online quizzes take the form of ‘Blockbusters’ where two teams compete to make it across the board. It is fun, engaging and easy to incorporate into current teaching and learning. Secondary teachers should certainly have a look at how useful this resource is.

Secondly, GCSE revision notes for a variety of topics can be found at These online revision notes provide the essential knowledge and understanding required. KS4 teachers will find these useful if they wish to compile their own revision materials or direct pupils towards a free learning resource for use at home.

Both of these resources cover topics, such as War and Peace and Belief in God to name a few.

These KS4 teaching and learning resources for RE offer teachers and pupils easy access to free revision materials that can be readily incorporated into current planning and provision in place. 


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