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IT, RE, Drama, Arts & Music Being Dropped by Many Schools

Thursday 14th July 2011

Key subjects are being axed from the curriculum as schools make changes in order to fit in with the Government’s new English Baccalaureate. At a conference yesterday many schools that ran drama, arts, religious education and information technology classes have had their budgets cut and teachers in these areas being made redundant.

The National Association of Schoolmasters/ Union of Women Teachers surveyed 2,500 teachers and found that 43 per cent of schools have made cuts to certain subjects. A breakdown showed 15 per cent had cut information technology, 13 per cent arts, drama and music, and 10 per cent religious education. The NASUWT survey also revealed that 26 per cent of schools were planning to increase lessons for history and 29 per cent were going to increase language lessons as a direct result of the introduction of the Baccalaureate. IT teachers have already criticised the fact that IT is now being dropped from the curriculum but conceded that the way it has been taught up until now needs to be changed and updated.

The Independent newspaper reports that Dave Beck, from the Curriculum Foundation, said that schools had asked pupils to give up GCSE subject options in the middle of their second year of study. "They were asked to take up a language option," he said. "This wasn’t done in the best interests of the children." Andy Burnham, Labour’s shadow Education Secretary, who organised the conference, said: "What has this Government got against creativity? They are sending a message to any young person that if they have a creative talent they are somehow second best."


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