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iPod Touch Podcasts Help with Revision

Thursday 17th February 2011

A new academy school in Dartmouth, has just handed out £16,000 worth of iPods to its GCSE pupils to help them revise for their exams. The top of the range iPod Touch gadgets have been offered to every one of the 15 and 16-year-olds who are currently in the second year of the GCSE studies. The move is aimed at ensuring every one of the 60 students has the same internet opportunities to access special study podcasts covering all eight of their core exam subjects – including maths, English, RE, sciences and history.

The school is leasing 65 of the hand-sized media players which would normally retail at £250 each which is ’much cheaper’ than the market rate. The school initiative is linked to the Newcastle-based company GCSE Pod which produces the education audio material which the youngsters can download which is specifically tied in to the GCSE syllabus.

The academy business manager said: "We had the dilemma that some students were able to access this material because they had iPods or computers of their own. We did not want to disadvantage other pupils at such a crucial time." The iPods are just loaned to the pupils and will be returned at the end of their exams so that they can then be loaned out to the next year of students.

The study podcasts are mainly audio with some visual material and are increasingly being used by schools around the country, revealed a spokesman for GCSE Pod. Mr Rushton explained that the iPod enables the pupils to access their revision material whenever they wanted – on the way to school, at break times and even when they are lying in bed in the evening. He also pointed out that GCSE Pod was able to monitor which iPods were accessing which information so the school could tell which pupils were actually using the revision service. This just goes to show how much technology is making waves in education and schools.


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