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ICT Curriculum Criticized as IBM Fail to Find Skilled IT Workers

Thursday 30th June 2011

Students must learn about new technology, said IBM this week. The computer software giant, IBM has created 1,000 news technology, analyst and consulting jobs across its empire in the UK this year but has only managed to fill 80% of the roles due to a lack of skilled candidates.  Chief executive of IBM’s UK and Ireland operations, Steve Leonard has apparently written to the Department of Education requesting that the current IT curriculum in schools is to blame and needs to change so that, as a country, we are able to develop more IT-capable people.  

Mr Leonard is also a board member of the technology sector council, E-Skills who also pointed out that perversely it was students who enrol on computer studies degrees who were the most likely to be unemployed after they graduate. However they said that this was because too many students chose ’Mickey Mouse’ degrees’ and that the computer studies degrees were teaching students the wrong things.

Karen Price, the organisation’s chief executive, blamed the way IT is taught in schools. She said that Key Stage 4 (GCSE) syllabus was having "more negative than positive impact" because it put too much emphasis on IT literacy and not enough on understanding how technology actually works, as well as the negative perception of the industry that many students have.

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