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Homework for primary students

Posted by on Wednesday 14 October 2009 in

It might notsound like a huge amount, but combine that with my workschedule, thekids wanting to go to friends houses or have friendsround to play, orafter school clubs, and having to eat and sleep atsome point, andhomework can simply become the last straw.

I’m all for parents being involved with the education of their children, but homework at primary school is often the cause of endless arguments and guilty consciences. Children need to have some “downtime” when they come out of school. A lot of the time the quality of the homework is so rushed and “last minute” that they don’t absorb any real learning from it anyway, or the parents end up spoonfeeding them the answers. In year 6 maybe they should have some introduced to get them used to the concept of independent work at home, but before then, I’m not convinced that there is any real benefit in children having homework at all. The school day is long and demanding, especially for the younger ones, and to try to squeeze in homework in the evening is the last thing that most families want to do.

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