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History is Not Taught Properly in Primary Schools Claim

Monday 14th March 2011

A news article published in the Telegraph today reports that the Ofsted study, ’History for All’ based on inspections of 166 primary and secondary schools in England over a three year period, have uncovered some worrying conclusions.

History teaching was found to be relatively good in around three quarters of primary schools, but Ofsted reported that teachers “found it difficult to establish a clear mental map of the past for pupils”. The report also pointed out that the weaknesses were probably due to a lack of teachers’ expertise in the subject as well as poor National Curriculum specifications that treated topics in History in a “disconnected way”.  The findings follow claims from the government that children are growing up unaware of British history with lessons for many pupils consisting of little more than a “cursory run through” of Henry VIII and Hitler before most pupils drop the subject altogether. Currently, England is the only country in Europe where pupils are allowed to stop studying history at the age of 13.

The Government has now launched a review of the National Curriculum in a move that is likely to specify the key dates, events and historical figures that all pupils should learn.


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