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Great Resources from Aviva UKA Academy

Friday 8th June 2012

A Sporting Site for Key Stage 1 to 4

Aviva UKA Academy is a sporting site that can be used for your Physical Education classes at Key Stage 1 all the way through to Key Stage 4. There are plenty of resources that can be accessed and used to create a more worth-while lesson, which will really benefit the pupils. The lesson plans have tips to help any teacher with their P.E. Pupils; the benefits and outcomes are explained; each plan has a recommended age group.

This site is dedicated to helping pupils learn and develop their skills in Physical Education. This can turn them into brilliant athletes and also help maintain a healthy lifestyle & diet. You can obtain awards created by the site to reward pupils when they excel and win. Gaining an award can spur on a pupil to go further.

If you’re interested in sports then this is the site for you as it help you further your pupil’s sporting life and career. Check the event calendar for anything that may interest you.

Programmes provided by Aviva UKA Academy

•    The ‘Sportshall’ programme is based around throwing, jumping and running for Primary and Secondary School Pupils. The page provides information, images and quotes from an organiser and a pupil.

•    The ‘Startrack’ programme is aimed at teachers and coaches who wish to have all-year-round sporting opportunities at KS2 and KS3 Schooling level. The aims of this programme are listed on the site.

•    The ‘Parallel Success’ programme is created around the idea of Paralympic athletes and gives guidance on how to find someone who can take part in the Paralympic Pathway.

•    The ‘Schools Championships’ programme contains 10 sports (covering track and field) that pupils can take part in.


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