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Get Ready for St Patrick’s Day Tomorrow

Wednesday 16th March 2011

March the 17th is a special day for millions of people all over the world – it is St Patrick’s Day. These days St Patrick’s Day is a celebration mainly focussed on Irish traditions and cultural music and dance festivals. The Irish symbols such as the colourful emerald green clothes and shamrock leaf pictures are used as badges to show your involvment in the celebration.

Those with Irish ancestry all over the world spend St Patrick’s Day remembering their roots and to celebrate by getting together with friends and family, to take part in parades and festivals, and generally eat, drink and be merry.

St Patrick was born in Scotland seventeen hundred years ago. When he was a child, he was kidnapped by Irish marauders and sold into slavery in Ireland. He worked as a shepherd for a Celtic chieftain, and it was whilst he was working alone on the mountains that he began to feel that he should be teaching others about Christianity. After esacaping from slavery he went to study in several monasteries on the continent in Europe. He then returned to Ireland to convert the pagan Celts to Christianity. St Patrick returned to the place where he had been made a slave and When the chieftain realised that his ex-slave was the man who had been successfully converting the Irish nobility, he set fire to his castle and leapt into the flames rather than suffer the humiliation of deferring to St Patrick. But St Patrick’s Day isn’t just about having a good time and it’s not just relevant to those with Irish roots. St Patrick was a great holy man, and we remember his lifetime and achievements on this day.


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