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Geography Teaching Resources and Lesson Planning for KS3 and KS2

Monday 2nd July 2012

Online Teaching and Learning Materials About the Sea and Sky

This week, Geography is in the spotlight with two great teaching resources offering primary and secondary teachers materials to support learning in the classroom. The Royal Geographical Society house a comprehensive set of modules containing lesson planning for a variety of Key Stage 3 topics. For teachers in Key Stage 2, Sea and Sky offer online activities and resources that can be accessed to support learning in Geography with good links to Science.

KS3 Geography Modules

The Royal Geographical Society has modules that contain lesson planning and resources for use in Key Stage 3. The lesson planning is detailed and links to the curriculum are made explicit to ensure appropriate coverage and depth and breadth of study. There are excellent teacher materials available that can support developing a scheme of work or adding fresh ideas into one that is already established at Key Stage 3. KS3 teachers of Geography will find a lot of engaging topics and themes that are covered. It is well worth looking through the units of work on offer.

KS2 Sea and Sky Activities and Resources

Sea and Sky have online activities and resources relating to both Geography and Science. It covers learning about sea and ocean habitats and the Earth in space. Primary teachers can access materials on various aspects of the sea and oceans. There are resources to support teaching and learning about creatures of the deep sea and life on the Coral Reef. There is also an Ocean Exploration Timeline that features dates and details. There are several curriculum resources available with a focus on the Earth in space. These cover the Solar System, Constellations and the Wonder of the Cosmos.

Primary school teachers may wish to incorporate these resources into existing planning or use the website to inspire topic-based teaching.


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