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Future Morph Website has Re-launched to highlight Career Opportunities from Science and Maths

Monday 10th September 2012

Web-based Science and Maths Resources for Students, Teachers and Parents

Future Morph website re-launches today to offer new and improved web-based resource for students, teachers and parents. The new website aims to redefine the perceptions of the careers arising from the studying of science and maths.

The website which has been designed by the Science Council wants to show that studying science and maths beyond the age of 16 isn’t just a one track road to a life in a lab – the skills and knowledge that can be gained through the subjects are valuable in any career and can make you very employable.

The main features and layout of the site will remain the same however the visuals and navigation have been improved to make it easier for users to find specific items. New features include a new blog page and a number of on-going new themed areas.

To coincide with the re-launch of Future Morph, the website will also house a brand new database of careers information links – the development of which has been led by the National STEM Centre. This will include all existing resources from the Future Morph database as well as a huge range of other resources from the eLibrary and other web portals, including websites, videos, resources and podcasts covering information, advice and guidance, career planning, job profiles, case studies, games and quizzes. Users will be able to search resources via target age, resource format, content partner, subject or tags in order to find the resource most appropriate for them.

New themed sections are currently in development to add a new dimension to the site. Already this year we have developed the Beyond Medicine theme to appeal to young people who may have thought of taking medicine but are unaware of the options available to them in the field of healthcare; and the Sport theme which highlights the use of science in sport and the myriad of careers that are available to help support athletes and get them to the top of their game. These themes include topical articles, career profiles, Q&A’s and even some interviews with well-known athletes, and can be viewed at the following links.

The new Fashion & Textiles theme will be launching very shortly to coincide with London Fashion Week (14th-18th September). We will then move onto developing further themes including Water, Food, Travel & tourism, Computers & IT, Imagining Different Tomorrows, Space, and Disasters (Natural Hazards).

The website ensures that young people are given the opportunities to see that the science that they learn in school does have relevance to everyday life, offering them a wide variety of career opportunities and opening doors for them to a rewarding future career.


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