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Further Details of the Education Bill Published Today

Thursday 27th January 2011

The Education Bill is expected to include proposals which the Education Secretary Michael Gove says will give schools greater powers to discipline pupils and cut bureaucracy. As a key element of the Bill, head teachers will, in future, be given greater powers to control badly behaved pupils and discipline them. The additions thought to be announced today reflect the changes laid out in the Education White Paper published last November.
These include:

• The removal of the power of appeal panels to force schools to re-instate pupils they have expelled
• The granting of anonymity to teachers who have been accused of misconduct by pupils
• The extension of heads’ powers to discipline pupils if they misbehave on the way to or from school
• The granting of the power to schools to impose a detention without giving 24-hours’ notice.

Quoted by the BBC report today, Mr Gove said: "Under the last government, thousands of great people left the teaching profession because behaviour was out of control and they were forced to spend far too much time on paperwork.
"That’s why we’re taking action to restore discipline and reduce bureaucracy," he said.

"Teachers will be free to impose the penalties they need to keep order, and free from the red tape which swallows up teaching time, so they can get on with their first duty - raising standards."


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