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Free Teaching Resources from Caring Charities all over the UK

Monday 13th June 2011

Major charities raise awareness about medical conditions that can require different levels of caring, and as it’s the start of National Carers Week 2011, many of the charities, who support unpaid carers, and offer care support themselves, also have free learning resources for teachers to use in class in order to educate students about the role of carers and why they are so important in society.

Macmillan Cancertalk offers teachers the resources in order to explore the issues surrounding cancer with young people using their free teaching packs Macmillan offer free PSHE/PSE/PSD & Citizenship teaching packs, with cross-curricular links to other subjects for use with pupils aged 7-16.

NHS Careers also have a great selection of teaching resources available to download for free direct from their website. They highlight the huge amount of different careers there are in the NHS that aren’t simply doctors and nurses. Help children understand that a career as a qualified professional carer is a fantastic and worthy option to take.

The British Red Cross have some fantastic free downloadable teaching resources and activities to support teaching first aid to children in schools. Teacher’s can highlight what first aid is as opposed to other medical care provided by trained practitioners and also show pupils how they can help in an emergency. The resources also show how to avoid accidents and how to be aware of dangers.

There are many more charities who are involved in the support of carers all over the UK. Visit the Carer’s Week website for more information.


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