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Free Teaching Resources from ActionAid

Friday 15th July 2011

ActionAid has a full range of comprehensive free teaching resources for teachers to use to support their citizenship lessons in school. These include:

Get Global! This is a free toolkit for facilitating active global citizenship at key stages three and four. The resource contains lots of practical ideas, activities and games to help teachers facilitate and assess active global citizenship.

Another teaching resource featuring Barnaby Bear helps teach children about life in rural villages in Kenya and Brazil. The highlight of Barnaby’s trip is a visit to an ActionAid partnership project called CEACC (Research Centre for Cultural Action and Citizenship) in the City of God. Barnaby’s travels to Brazil take him deep into the Amazon rainforest. He experiences the beauty of the forest and investigates how this is being threatened by deforestation. ActionAids Barnaby Bear in Brazil range includes a poster pack, DVD and a CD-ROM to use in lessons.

ActionAid’s website also feature a full range of resources covering topics such as water, Fair trade, food, climate change, human rights, disasters, HIV & Aids and homes which can be used in citizenship, geography, science and other subjects too.

Download a range of free lesson ideas, activities, assemblies and case studies to support teaching in geography and global citizenship at key stages 1-4.

Find out more about the free teaching resources here.


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