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Free Schools are Not Wanted - NUT

Tuesday 4th January 2011

The National Union of Teachers, the largest teacher’s union in the UK, recently polled over 1000 parents about Michael Gove’s education reform policies and the results indicated that only 25% of parents were in favour of free schools. The new free schools  can be set up by charities, universities, businesses, educational groups, teachers and groups of parents. The Department for Education say that it is parents themselves who are behind many of the free school proposals - parents who want something better for their children. The free schools can include primary and secondary schools, and are no longer not run by local authorities, meaning that they will have more control over the curriculum and teachers’ pay and conditions.
The NUT say that parents are against private companies having control over the education of their children.

The first 25 free achools are due to open across 22 local authorities from September.


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