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Saturday 20th March 2010

Your Justice Your World is a free, interactive, engaging and educational website that has been launched with the Ministry of Justice, to make issues around rights, responsibilities, law and the justice system accessible for young people. The website is versatile enough to be incorporated within a range of teaching approaches for all ability groups across the 7€“16 age range particularly in Citizenship and PSHE.

Your Justice Your World follows the lives of characters in the fictional-yet-realistic setting of Crownford Rise. The town is populated by a cast of characters who all have dealings with the law as part of their daily lives.  Scenarios include among others rule breaking, truancy and vandalism, bullying and family breakdown, employment law and the minimum wage, knife crime and racial abuse, The Human Rights Act and family breakdown. Students interact with the stories in each scenario and are invited to consider the dilemmas, discuss the issues and voice their opinions.  Similar topics are covered in the 7€“11 and 11€“16 sections, but at a different level of complexity; students can work at whichever level best suits their ability.

The site is colourful and interactive, with a variety of activities on offer €“ from drag and drop to multiple-choice quizzes. There is an extensive glossary plus a voiceover, teachers notes, background information, lesson ideas and PDF activity sheets.

Teacher Comments:

€œEverything you need is easy to find and understand; the objectives and curriculum links are made explicit; the links to specific parts of the website are exactly where you need them to be. Great!€ (Teacher, Primary School, London)

€œI would recommend this to others as a way of engaging students in a topic that affects them directly throughout their whole life.€ (Teacher, Secondary School, Taunton)

More Information:

Visit the Your Justice Your World website


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