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Free Educational Primary and Secondary School Resources from Cats Protection

Friday 8th June 2012

Feline Welfare Charity offering Free Resources

Cats Protection offers help for over 200,000 cats and is the leading feline charity. The site offers a range of activities and resources for pupils aged between 1-16. There are downloads that are great when educating young children about the welfare of felines, health and illness. There is an educational pack that can also be obtained; it contains CDs, information for KS1 & KS2, information for KS3 & KS4, as well as a section for Primary Science lessons.

There are opportunities for talks from those who work at this charity and tours of centres may also be possible.

Primary & Secondary Education Resources

There are masses of resources from Cats Protection that can be used in a number of different subjects. There are assembly packs that educate pupils on the importance of being responsible for a pet’s actions and health. There are also downloads for each Key Stage.


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