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Five-in-Five Exercises for PE Lessons

Friday 26th November 2010

The BBC reports today that the British Association of Sports and Medicine wants schools to introduce “five-in-five” exercise routines into their PE lessons because children aren’t actually getting enough exercise out of their Physical Education classes.

Sports doctors want PE teachers to concentrate on improving children’s fitness by doing five exercises in five minutes in order to raise the heart rates, and have a proper workout. Currently PE lessons focus more on sports skills, than keeping fit and healthy, and children tend to spend more time standing around listening to their teacher giving instructions, than actually running, jumping and becoming fitter during their class.

Leading sports coach Kelvin Giles has created more than 20 five-minute routines aimed at improving children’s fitness. They involve a combination of squatting, lunging, bracing, rotating and pushing, and the individual exercises have funky names such as “upside-down bug”, or “hot-foot lizard”, to appeal to the kids.

"You can get stronger, you can get more stable, you can have a much better posture, by exposing yourself to five minutes a day", said Mr Giles. Also, a chief medical officer for the London Olympics is deeply concerned about the standard of PEin schools. "By using a programme like five-in-five in schools we can get young people with the skills that they can then use as they get older. So they can keep fit, keep their joints working properly and prevent all sorts of diseases, from osteoarthritis through to diabetes and heart disease." The Department for Education in England says it will be up to schools to decide if they want to use these new PE routines in their lessons, but also wants schools to focus on competitive sports too.

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