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First Aid Education Pack a Success

Sunday 17th January 2010

If you are thinking about teaching your students how to cope in emergency situations, the Life. Live it. first aid education kit provides a fun and easy way to help students learn the first aid basics. It includes ten key topics €“ including how to deal with the emotions of a risky situation and how to make sound decisions in an emergency.
The kit includes flexible lesson plans, PowerPoint presentations, video and audio clips, and an interactive quiz.
The Life. Live it. first aid education kit has been specially designed so educators can teach life-saving skills to young people €“ even with no previous first aid experience.
It is ideal for Key Stage 3 and 4 PSHE / PSE, and can easily be adapted for other age groups. The kit may also be usefully applied to other subjects €“ including citizenship science, physical education and home economics.
Maureen Turner €“ the head of personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) education and citizenship at William Brookes School in Much Wenlock, Shropshire €“ explains how the Life. Live it. first aid education kit helped her students learn some key life-saving lessons.
We tried out the Life. Live it. first aid education programme with our Year 8 students and it has been more successful than I could ever have envisaged.

The kit is a complete resource that fitted all the needs of our school. Our Year 8 students studied all ten topics, but it is flexible and adaptable enough that schools can deliver just one or two lessons.
It provides lesson plans, PowerPoint presentations, videos, practical materials, and a quiz that provides both a learning assessment and a good deal of fun. It even includes an award to give to students.

Learning together

The basic first aid messages are simple and the kit provided everything we needed to deliver the programme ourselves. As my staff and I are not first aid experts, we have had opportunities to develop together with the students.
Students were encouraged to develop their problem-solving skills and improvise €“ for example, by making slings from ties and jumpers. As one student commented, they were unlikely to be carrying around a first aid kit when they came across an accident.             

During the first aid lessons, the students often had to think through situations and make decisions about the right thing to do. For example, they had to consider how they would manage their emotions when faced with someone who is bleeding profusely when really all they wanted to do was be sick! Similarly, we looked at how they would communicate support and confidence to reassure their casualty, however scared they may be feeling themselves.
Immensely proud

Life. Live it. will stay in our curriculum for Year 8.  Having piloted the resource, I think it is very important that all our students have the Award when they leave our school. We have seen over this programme how the students have changed in their attitude towards situations that, in the past, they may have crossed the road to avoid.
All the teachers, including myself, now feel more capable of dealing with first aid situations. I am immensely proud of our students and the journey we have taken together.

Inspired by Maureens story? Watch the schools video and try out the Life. Live it. kit for yourself by downloading a free sample first aid lesson - click on the link below to visit the Red Cross schools website.

More Information:

Visit the Red Cross Education website


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