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Experiments for Schools Inspired by Darwin

Friday 5th March 2010

Survival Rivals is part of the Wellcome Trust offering for Darwin 200. It consists of three experiment kits: Im a Worm, Get Me Out of Here; Brine Date; and The X-Bacteria, as well as the mass participation activity and workshops that form A Question of Taste.

  • Im a Worm Get Me Out of Here, for ages 11 to 14, challenges pupils to research directional selection by discovering what colour "worms" local birds prefer.
  • Brine Date, for ages 14 to 16, introuces a tank of brine shrimp to the classroom so students can research mating practices.
  • The X-Bacteria, for ages 16 to 19 introduces practical research into antibiotic resistance in bacteria.

Darwin 200 represents the opportunity for people to consider Darwin’s ideas and how they have been developed and interpreted, as well as the impact and the relevance evolution has for our lives today.

Survival Rivals kits are available completely free of charge to all UK state secondary schools. In addition all schools can access free online resources or purchase kits and spare components.

The Great Plant Hunt is the equivalent for primary schools – see the website for more information.

For more information visit the Survival Rivals website.


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