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English Resources For Students And Teachers - The Geoff Barton Website

Wednesday 5th December 2012

With all the commercial resources it is nice to come across a website where a teacher used the building of a resource website as an actual learning opportunity for one of his former students (the £50 payment on completion was probably also an incentive). The Geoff Barton website, contains an expensive collection of English resources for students and teachers alike, which are based on materials that Geoff has created for his own teaching delivery, conferences and presentations he has made. There are also resources that he has developed through his publishing and freelance work. The site is completely free of adverts with the purist intention of being a conduit between English teachers desiring resources and resources desiring teachers.

The website is split into five sections:

  • Teacher resources developed by Geoff, including PowerPoint presentations, ‘Word’ documents and helpful links. The materials tend to focus on literacy, school leadership, evaluation, school improvement and behaviour management.

  • Student resources consisting of notes and hand-outs that Geoff has used in his own teaching of English to GCSE, A level English Language and Communication Studies students. Geoff also states that he recently added guidance on completing assignments and resources to assist students to gain a grade C or higher in GCSE.

  • The ‘Writing’ section is a collection of articles that Geoff has collected from a variety of sources such as The TES, The Guardian and The Independent. The articles focus on very broad subjects from ‘Delia Smith’ to whole school literacy. There is also a “Writing Samples” page.

  • The ‘Audio’ section contains amongst other things radio reports based on live interviews that Geoff recorded in Kurdistan.

  • The ‘News’ section gives updates on Geoff’s current projects related to English and interests.

Geoff’s website, has been getting around 10,000 hits a month and is therefore a resource that is clearly respected and used regularly by English teachers.

Geoff also has his ‘Pick n’ Mix’ website that consists of links to articles and audio streams that Geoff has deemed interesting and relevant to the working English teacher. When this site was checked it was found to be right up to date with a posting submitted just the day before.

Going back to Geoff’s original site, there is an aspect that is is quite quirky about this site in that Geoff likes to collect radio jingles – the 6 second tunes that radio stations use to promote future programs, and this maybe of interest to an English/creative arts teacher who has been given the responsibility to teach media.

As, it was said in the opening paragraph to this review, this is a straightforward resource with no bells or whistles, but nonetheless it is both an expansive and helpful website built for students and teachers by a teacher who should be commended for his efforts. Well done Geoff!


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