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Economic Well Being Teaching Resources

Tuesday 19th October 2010

The DebtCred website is designed to support teachers and educators with materials and resources in the delivery of Economic wellbeing and financial capability. The materials and resources, Your Money and Your Life, are aimed at Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 but are flexible enough to be adapted for use with younger and older students. Your Money and Your Life contains teacher notes, student handouts, videos, PowerPoint presentations and practical exercises and activities.

The primary aim of DebtCred is to prepare schools students for university life or employment by educating about the sensible use of credit, personal financial management and the hazards of over indebtedness.

Your Money and Your Life is a free web-based teaching resource that provides a fresh look at financial matters and engages students in an interactive and hands-on way.  It aims to build on themes and topics that will stand students in good stead for coping with money matters when they leave school or college. The teaching materials are suitable for a major proportion of the DCSF criteria in Economic Well Being. Topics covered include the diversity of financial services and products and how to make sense of them, the setting of goals for life and the attitudes to money that will help students achieve them, how to choose a bank account, savings and investments, types of loans and credit and the dangers thereof, manageable and unmanageable debt, types of financial fraud and scams including identity theft, the risk elements of stock market investment and gambling and the impact personal spending can make on ethical and global aspects of finance.

For more information visit the DebtCred website.


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