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Easter Weekend Teaching Resources

Monday 18th April 2011

The Easter holidays for schools are well under way around the UK with many schools taking different weeks off to fit around the later dates for Good Friday and Easter Monday this year. Easter weekend is coming up fast and some teachers and pupils will even be back in the classroom before the Bank Holidays begin. There are plenty of ways to engage your students about Easter time, not just to learn about the religious reasons for celebrating Easter, but also for the fun and interesting traditions that are followed around the world. Easter is the most important festival in the Christian calendar. It celebrates both the death of Jesus and also his resurrection. Easter Sunday falls on the first Sunday following the full Moon on or after the Spring Equinox, Good Friday marks the day that Jesus was crucified, and Easter Monday the day he was resurrected. Other more modern traditions such as giving and receiving Easter eggs to family and friends are said to represent the gift of life.

If you looking for some ideas of how to educate and engage your class in the traditions and religious reasons behind the Easter celebrations then take a look at the Easter Assemblies available to download on Teaching Resources UK. 


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