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Does Your School Have a Gum Litter Problem?

Thursday 15th July 2010

Chewing gum litter is a challenge for communities around the UK.

  • It is expensive to clean up
  • It can damage personal property
  • Most gum-droppers dont think about the impact of their actions.

Bin it! is a FREE educational programme aimed at students aged 11 to 13, focusing on the personal and social impacts of dropping gum.

The programme consists of a printed pack with comprehensive teachers notes, two colour posters and a range of activity and resource cards, plus a supporting website, all provided by the Wrigley Company.

Gum litter is a topic that most students will have experience of, and makes a great starting point for encouraging students to take an interest in topical issues, engage in discussion and debate, play an active role as responsible citizens in public life, and learn about their rights and responsibilities.
Bin it! supports the curricula for Citizenship, Personal and Social Education and English in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. It is also relevant to Geography/Social Studies, Art and ICT.

More Information:

Visit the Bin it! website


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