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Department for Education spending cuts

Posted by on Wednesday 9 June 2010 in

Exactly what support will be scaled back and by what degree isn’t clear. Becta will be abolished, and the QCDA’s future scope is uncertain. Support for NEET programs such as Entry to Learning and Activity Agreement is also being withdrawn. Funding for enterprise education looks like it may not be forthcoming in the future as £7m of unallocated funding which had been earmarked for enterprise education is now being saved instead. Other initiatives such as Playing for Success, One toOneand Gifted and Talented are having all non-frontline fundingwithdrawn.Those schools who have benefited from 14-19 advisors willhave to dowithout them from September. The big news for primary, whichmost of youwill already be aware of is that the new primarycurriculum is beingabandoned, which will be a source of regret tomany.
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