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Creativity! Giving Some Attention to Art and Design Resources for Secondary and Primary Teachers

Tuesday 26th June 2012

Art and Design Resources for Primary and Secondary Schools

There has been much in the press recently regarding the core subjects. For example, attention has been given to the draft National Curriculum for English and Maths with their intention for raising standards and introducing greater rigour into Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 teaching and learning. This was followed by the notion that GCSEs would be replaced by examinations similar to O Levels at the end of Key Stage 4. With all the attention, debate and discussion surrounding this, it is easy to forget the value of other curriculum areas…So, here are two websites for teachers involved in Art and Design in primary and secondary schools!

Paul Carney Arts Resources to Support Teaching and Learning in Primary Schools

Paul Carney Arts is a website that has been developed by an Advanced Skills Teacher of Art and Design. It is always good to access teaching and learning ideas from professionals who have specialised in an area of the curriculum. This website fits that bill perfectly.

It offers tutorials on drawing, painting and projects. These are useful for primary teachers who want to develop their own skills and techniques as well as a resource to support teaching and learning as part of lessons. The website offers guidance on developing a programme of study and units of work. It also contains resources on Art History, which are useful in helping to develop children’s appreciation of Art.

There are also extensive assessment resources and materials that can be accessed.

Class teachers and Art Co-ordinators should find a lot of help, support and inspiration for providing children with lessons and units of work that inspire and promote creativity.

Board Works Art and Design Ideas and Resources for Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4

Board Works offers free Art and Design resources and teaching ideas aimed at KS3 and KS4. There are suggestions for mini projects that have been referenced to GCSE specifications so KS4 teachers can be sure that using these materials supports the curriculum relevant to the examination board they follow. There are also activities and lesson ideas intended for Key Stage 3.

There are materials on Gaudi, using the landscape and scenery as well as other starting points for Art that can be used in the secondary school classroom.


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