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The Countryside Investigators Website

Thursday 10th January 2013

Countryside InvestigatorsThe ‘Countryside Investigators’ website is a useful teaching resource that provides thorough information on the protection, enjoyment and employment of the rural environment. The website contains videos, interactive web games, online quizzes and classroom activities that are designed to entertain KS2 students to learn interactively.

The quizzes used on the website are stimulating for students and are designed not only to reinforce learning but to promote healthy competition among student and for them to have fun within the classroom environment.

The ‘Teachers Area’ provides quality information that can be administered to students straight from the website. The information also gives teachers useful advice on organising school trips to farms and other rural environments. There are also curriculum links and useful website links to ensure that teachers are provided with a vast amount of extra teaching material. This helps ensure that planned lessons and activities can be prepared so that they run as smoothly and as informative as possible, making the teaching of the subject far easier.

The layout of the website makes finding necessary information effortless for both teachers and students. Such quality is important when teaching students from a website and the ease at which you can navigate this website is commendable.

In summary the ‘Countryside Investigators’ is a wonderfully bright website that captures the true rural essence of the countryside while satisfying the curious and playful minds of students.


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