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Computers are Making Textbooks Obsolete

Posted by on Friday 12 November 2010 in

The study also reported that teachers believe students who do not have access to the internet at home are at risk of being seriously disadvantaged, compared to their peers. Teachers generally now assume that all children have computers connected to the internet at home to use, but if the poorest children don’t have internet access at home they will struggle to keep up. With over a fifth of teachers insisting that access to the internet is essential for students to be able tocompletetheir homework, Valerie Thompson, chief executive of theE-LearningFoundation, said: “We have to tackle the digital divide,otherwise thepoorest children will be left even further behind.”

The joint survey undertaken by the e-Learning Foundation charity and the Times Educational Supplement was prompted by the recent cuts to the IT budget by the Department of Education, and the removal of the Government’s IT advisory body, Becta.

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