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Careers in Leisure and Learning Lesson Plans

Thursday 16th December 2010

SkillsActiveCareers, the Sector Skills Council for Sports and ActiveLeisure, offers clear and comprehensive information and advice onworking in the active leisure and learning sector. They have justlaunched a new interactive careers website in partnership withU-Explore. 

The new website is designed to capture theimagination of students interested in a career in the active leisure andlearning sector and includes some excellent teaching resources.Interactive learning sections include: 360 degree virtual tours givingstudents aninsight into different working environments; how staff at a leadingfootball club work as a team; Real Life Stories which canbe downloaded as pdfs; access to the Inspire Me online magazine andmuch more.

You can also still access the previous version of theSkillsActiveCareers website which is dedicated to offering informationand advice on working in the active leisure and learning sector. Yourpupils can take a look at job profiles, career pathways and thequalifications they will need to progress in their chosen career.

Don’tforget, if you are looking for free teaching resources and lesson ideasfor the Sport and Active Leisure Diploma; a range of resources areavailable to download from our website. Topics include customer service,researching careers, functional skills, using the internet and acomprehensive overview of the sector.

For more information visit the SkillsActiveCareers website.

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