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Bursary Award for Jobless Graduates

Wednesday 20th October 2010

10 cities and towns in England are being targeted as part of an outreach programme for unemployed graduates, by youth and education charity Raleigh International.

The following have been identified by the charity as an unemployment blackspots: Birmingham, Hastings, Hull, Leicester, Liverpool, Middlesbrough, Nottingham, Plymouth, Sunderland and Wolverhampton.

Raleigh is aiming to recruit 10 university graduates from each area for its sought-after Graduate Bursary Award - worth £2,000 - for volunteer expeditions overseas.
Raleigh’s expeditions, comprising sustainable community and environmental projects and an adventure phase, have been proven to increase employability skills considerably. 87% of young people who completed Raleigh expeditions in the past reported an increased ability to work as part of a team and 83% said that Raleigh increased their career aspirations.

The Raleigh Graduate Bursary Award assists recent graduates who otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to undertake a 10 week overseas expedition, giving them a unique opportunity todevelop key employability skills and give their CV a competitive edge. Graduates can apply for expeditions to Borneo, Costa Rica & Nicaragua or India departing spring or summer 2011.

Nicholas Oldroyd graduated with a degree in architecture in June 2009 and applied for a large number of architectural jobs, unsuccessfully. Three months after returning from a Raleigh expedition he was offered a position with Foster + Partners, a leading global architectural firm. “As important as they are on expedition, skills such as survival, medical and radio weren’t the most important lessons that Raleigh taught me. It was actually the frame of mind, my sense of purpose and achievement and my attitude that everything is possible – that is what has really helped.”

Raleigh has identified 10 unemployment blackspots across England and has allocated bursary awards, subject to eligibility and phone interview, to 10 graduates from each area in the next two months. Apply today on the Raleigh Graduate Bursary Award Website.

The top 10 unemployment blackspot cities and towns targeted are:

  • Middlesbrough - Unemployment 7.6%, youth unemployment 30.7%
  • Sunderland - Unemployment 5.46%, youth unemployment 31%
  • Liverpool - Unemployment 8.8%, youth unemployment 29.2%
  • Leicester - Unemployment 6.1%, youth unemployment 26.6%
  • Nottingham - Unemployment 5.6%, youth unemployment 29.8%
  • Wolverhampton - Unemployment 7.6%, youth unemployment 28.0%
  • Birmingham - Unemployment 7.3%, youth unemployment 28.1%
  • Kingston Upon Hull - Unemployment 8.1%, youth unemployment 29.6%
  • Hastings - Unemployment 6.0%, youth unemployment 29.0%
  • Plymouth - Unemployment 3.7%, youth unemployment 32.9%

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