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BT Internet Rangers 2012 open for entries

Tuesday 3rd April 2012

BT Internet Rangers is a scheme that encourages young people to share their ICT skills with older generations and teach them how to use the internet.

The BT Internet Rangers Awards are designed to recognise the efforts of young people who have helped others take their first steps to get online.

There are two award categories:

The BT Internet Rangers of the Year Award is looking for young people up to the age of 16 throughout the UK and Ireland who have used their ICT skills to help other people get online. Winners receive equipment such as iPads or laptops plus IT vouchers.

The BT Internet Ranger School Award will be given to a school, or a group of schools, who encourage young people, up to the age of 16, to use their ICT skills to help people within their community learn about computers and go online. This is a "forward looking" award scheme to promote future activity between schools and communities. There are prizes of up to £4,000 for the winning schools. The teachers who submit the applications for each of the winning schools will each receive £250 worth of IT vouchers

All activity must take place before the end of the 2012/13 school year.

Applications need to be submitted by 5.00pm on Friday 2nd November 2012.

The Internet Rangers website also includes some great free resources available for teachers to help young people become Internet Rangers.

Go to our BT Page to find out more. 


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