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British Red Cross Launch Online Free Teaching Resource

Wednesday 4th May 2011

The British Red Cross have launched an online teaching resources website aimed at helping teachers to demonstrate how important first aid skills can be. The free teaching resources are aimed at pupils aged between 5 and 11 years old and include comprehensive information, tools and explanations of why and how knowing basic first aid skills can save lives.

First aid skills are part of the PSHE curriculum and the British Red Cross resource called Life. Live it. is a web-based, free teaching resource created to enable primary schools deliver first aid education to pupils. The materials are designed to be flexible and include how-to videos, learning activities, lesson plans, worksheets, 999 operator scripts, scenario cards, badges and assessment quizzes. Teaching children how they can help someone if they’ve had an accident is an important part of life, and the Red Cross teaching resources cover everything from helping someone who has a burn, nose bleed, is choking or distressed, to knowing how to get help in an emergency or simply spotting potential dangers.

Take a look at the new British Red Cross resources on their website today.


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